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National Museum cafeteria

The museum's cafeteria is on the ground floor of the building. The menu includes savoury snacks and cakes.

Opening hours

Open Mon-Fri 11-17
Open Sat-Sun 12-17
Lunch served Mon-Fri 11-14
Lunch served Sat-Sun 12-14

The cafeteria has feeding-chairs and a microwave for heating food for children.

In the summertime the museum's old log yard functions as a terrace for the cafeteria; the visitors can enjoy its peaceful and sunny atmosphere.

It is advised to inform the cafeteria of large groups in advance. The cafeteria seats 50 customers, as does the terrace.

Restaurant services for the various functions organised in the National Museum can be ordered from the cafeteria.

More information: museoravintolat@kanresta.fi

Group reservations: museoravintolat@kanresta.fi

Tel. + 358 40 159 7679