Uusi Kansallinen

​The National Museum of Finland has launched the largest renewal project in its history. The museum intends to build an annex on its existing plot, which will offer both Finns and visitors from abroad an international-level museum experience of a new kind of Finland. The design of the annex will be determined based on an architecture competition.

The National Museum’s annex will be built adjacent to the historic and distinguished main building designed by Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. The annex will be located partially underground. The annex’s adaptable new space will allow for the production of major international exhibitions for the National Museum of Finland as well as the organisation of conferences and concerts. The annex is also planned to include a restaurant, the opening hours of which can be different from those of the museum itself. The aim is for the overall plan to also make more active use of the courtyard park located on the National Museum’s plot.

Uusi Kansallinen (in English: the New National) is a two-stage architecture competition for the design of the National Museum of Finland’s new annex. The competition programme and materials are available at www.uusikansallinen.fi/en. The plan is to build the National Museum of Finland’s new annex based on the winning competition proposal, so that the renewed museum, consisting of the current museum building, the new annex and the courtyard park, can open its doors to the public in 2025. The aim is to also keep the National Museum of Finland open to the public without any interruptions during the annex’s construction.

The architecture competition is being organised by the Finnish Heritage Agency, the National Museum of Finland and Senate Properties.

Download the competition programme

Share your ideas!

We want to give everyone the opportunity to propose ideas for the new annex and reinterpret our national identity. What would you like the New National to be like? How would you like to use the new annex and the museum’s courtyard? And what does national mean to you today? 

Be inspired and propose ideas