Safe museum visit to the Prison


Safe premises and social distancing

The Prison aims to provide a physically and mentally safe place for our museum visitors and staff during both regular and unprecedented times. The facilities are cleaned even more thoroughly than before, and they are used selectively and at different times. We also ensure that visitors are able to keep a safe distance to other visitors and our staff members. We monitor the number of people entering the museum premises as well as the number of visitors in individual rooms. Our staff will make sure that social distancing and restrictions to visitor numbers are adhered to.
We offer our museum guests the opportunity to sanitise their hands, especially near the entrance and at the ticket counter, but also at other points, as necessary.
The Prison has introduced a specific direction of travel on every floor, in order to avoid people from different groups from occupying the same space at the same time.
We recommend card payments. We do, however, accept cash in our museum shops and restaurants, and at ticket counters. Only one group is allowed into the museum shop at a time.

Guided tours

No guided tours, prebooked or otherwise, will be organised at the Prison in summer 2021. However, guides will be available at the Prison facilities to answer visitors’ questions.


All public events at the Prison have been cancelled until the end of July 2021. Therefore, please remember to check the latest information on the museum’s website.

Museum shop and restaurant

The museum shop is open whenever the museum is open. We are putting in extra effort to keep our shop clean and allow enough room for social distancing.

Meetings, celebrations and other events

Currently, it is not possible to hold meetings, celebrations or other events indoors at the Prison.

Face masks

We recommend wearing a face mask, in accordance with the local age recommendations. Please bring your own face mask with you, if necessary, as we do not provide face masks to museum guests for free. Face masks are also sold at the Prison’s museum shop.

Only visit if you are healthy

We warmly welcome all healthy visitors. However, if you are feeling ill, please stay home.

The National Museum of Finland complies with the regional and local guidelines of the government, ministries, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland and the City of Hämeenlinna at the Prison.

If the coronavirus situation changes, we may have to cancel events, restrict visitor numbers further, or close our services at the Prison.

Please keep an eye on the Prison’s website and social media channels on

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Updated 6 May 2021