Visitor instructions

The museums and castles of the National Museum of Finland will be open to the public in 2022 during the Covid 19 pandemic in accordance with the guidelines issued by the authorities. We monitor each museum to ensure that our services are provided safely, and we will make changes when necessary. All of our museums enforce social distancing and pay special attention to hand hygiene and cleaning. Some museums may also restrict the number of guests. Depending on the museum and castle, we may require the Covid Certificate from museum guests, which will be mentioned in the museum specific information.

More detailed information may be found on the webpages for the individual museums and castles. Our safety and visitor guidelines are also displayed on electronic screens and temporary signs at our museums.

We wish you welcome!

Instructions for a safe museum visit

Safe premises and social distancing

We aim to provide physically and mentally safe places at our museums for visitors and staff during both regular and unprecedented times. The facilities are cleaned even more thoroughly than before, and they are used selectively and at different times. We also ensure that visitors are able to keep a safe distance to other visitors and to our staff members. We monitor the number of persons entering the museum premises as well as the number of visitors in the individual rooms.

Museum guests are offered the opportunity to sanitise their hands, especially near entrances and at ticket desks but also at other points as necessary. Furthermore, some of our sites have temporarily stopped using touchscreens and audio guides.

Access to certain areas, such as workshops, small spaces and narrow corridors, may be restricted if safe access is not possible. For safety reasons, museums may also limit entry to only one entrance. Additionally, some facilities and exhibitions may have a specific direction for moving around – indicated by signs.

We recommend card payments. We do, however, accept cash in our museum shops and restaurants, and at the ticket counters.

Entrance tickets to the National Museum, Häme Castle and Olavinlinna Castle as well at summertime to the Prisen and Louhisaari Manor may also be purchased in advance at the online webshop for these museums.

Face masks and Covid Certificate

We recommend using a facemask for guests older than 12 years. Please, bring your own face mask with you, if necessary, as we do not provide face masks to museum guests for free. However, individually wrapped surgical face masks may be bought at the museums.

At the National Museum, Tamminiemi and the Häme Castle we require the Covid Certificate from all guests older than 16.

At our other museum sites, the Covid Certificate is not required. However, the Certificate may be required at certain events, in which case this is mentioned in the event information.

Guided groups

Guided group sizes depend on the size of the museum. We have planned safe routes for guided tours. Some of our museums offer guided tours also outdoors.


Some events may require registration in advance. If the situation changes due to the pandemic, we may need to cancel events at short notice. Therefore, please remember to check the latest information on the museum’s website.

Depending on the museum and the castle, we may require Covid Certificate at certain events. This will be mentioned in the event information.

Museum shops and restaurants

The museum shops are open whenever the museums are open. We are putting in extra effort to keep our museum shops clean and to allow enough room for social distancing. Similarly to the museum shops, our museum restaurants serve customers when the museums are open. Please, check the opening hours of the museum you intend to visit. Our museum restaurants comply fully with the government guidelines to restaurants.

Meetings, celebrations and other events

Both the indoor premises and restricted outdoor areas at the National Museum’s sites may be used as meeting, party and event venues. The event organisers must ensure the safety of their guests by making sure that social distancing and good hand hygiene are maintained. Hand sanitiser is available at all of our meeting and party venues, in toilets, and in the immediate vicinity of exhibition rooms.

Please, visit only when healthy

We warmly welcome all healthy visitors. However, if you are feeling ill, please do stay home.

The National Museum of Finland complies with the regional and local guidelines of the government, ministries, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Regional State Administrative Agencies and municipalities.

More detailed information about individual museums and castles may be found on the webpages for each museum and castle.

Updated Jan. 10th, 2022